Topic: Howto: SSH Root Access

There are 2 ways to access root privileges through ssh:

1) Add new user with command:

# pw user add mike -c Mike -g wheel -s /bin/csh -m

We created user with login mike in wheel group (we need it for use su command) and home dir /home/mike, then add secure password with command:

# passwd mike

Now you can connect to ssh with login mike and his password. For get root privileges type in your console command:

# su

And type root password.

2) Note: I don't recommend to use this method on production server.

Open sshd_config:

# ee /etc/ssh/sshd_config

And add this lines:

PermitRootLogin yes
AllowGroups wheel

Then save config (ESC-a-a) and reboot your server or run command:

# service sshd reload

If you get following error in you log file:

unrecognized authentication method name: password

You should add this line to sshd_config:

PasswordAuthentication yes